Let’s Explore the Cloud Certification Journey

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Anyone who knows me knows this is a passion of mine.

Everyone I know on a Cloud Certification Journey has or has had a very personal and different journey.

Each person having different motivations that drive them for the certifications, whether that is:

  • for career recognition and progression
  • learning and growing their knowledge
  • or to simply have badges of honor

Each drive varies the pursuit plan and ultimately the outcome.

Let’s explore this further.

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Introduction to the Cloud

the cloud

Working in the IT industry, many of my friends and family approach me when it comes to anything “computer” related, due to them having very little knowledge about IT in general with one of the most mysterious topics for them being the Cloud.

They often hear terms like, “it is in the cloud“, or they own devices like an iPhones and find themselves receiving messages that their “cloud storage is almost full“.

In reality this can be confusing when they don’t really know what that means or what they should do.

This post is to help people understand the Cloud, clarifying certain terminology and hopefully take away the mystery that surrounds the Cloud.

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