How I passed my TOGAF 9.2 Exam

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The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is an enterprise architecture methodology that offers a high-level framework for enterprise software development.

The TOGAF certification is helpful for developing a broad knowledge in the area of Enterprise Architecture, as the TOGAF Standard covers a wide range of topics. Learning and knowing the content will enrich your work and help you to align with most Enterprise Architects that you might meet.

It is important to be aware that if you work in an Agile environment, that it can also feel dated, I have heard rumors of another version being worked on that addresses these particular situations, but for now these are just rumors.

Now let’s explore this topic further.

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Now, let’s get started.


The TOGAF 9.2 exam can be taken a couple of different ways.

On the day of the exam you can feel nervous. This is normal, but the conditions of the exam centres/online exam can also exaggerate that feeling.   

I found the following advice from Scott Duffy very accurate in terms of how you should tackle the exam Part 1 and Part 2 Certification Exam Strategy, and I recommend that you view these strategies.

Setup yourself for success

As the date of the exam approaches is to put yourself in a similar environment. 

  • Try putting yourself in a quiet room, such as those you find in a library. 

The more you are able to mimic the exam environment, the less the environment will add to your nerves on the day of the exam.

Managing your time

Managing your time is very important, not only do you need to be aware of how long it will take you to complete the exam, but also how long you will require to review your flagged questions before you do a final submission. 

  • For Part 1 of the exam you are given 60 minutes to answer 40 multiple choice questions, each question is worth 1 point and you require 22 points out of 40 to pass.
  • Part 2 of the exam gives you 90 minutes for 8 multiple choice scenario questions, these questions have many words with a lot of content that you need to ignore, however rather than getting a single pass or fail, the questions are given a weight, with the most correct answer being for 5 points, next 3 points then 1 point and finally the distractor being 0 points, at the end you need to have scored at least 24 points out of 40 points to pass.
  • When taking the exam make sure that you leave yourself enough time to perform a review of the questions that you flagged.  

I gave myself 20 minutes per part, but you may require more or less time to perform your review.

What is important is you understand how much time you require and ensure you leave yourself enough time.

The Exam

Unless you are scoring 80% or above consistently across all the practise exams then do not take the actually exam.

In order to pass I used the following study materials:

It is better to wait until you understand the concepts well, you can then go into the actual exam confident and provide yourself a very high chance of succeeding.  

I decided to take the exam at home, this was a very smooth process for me and it gave me great flexibility, I was very happy with the result and it is the approach I will be taking from now on.

If you would like to take that approach the link to the online exam provider is here

Keep in mind

  • The difficulty of the questions you experience during the exam could vary between individuals
  • Part 2 of the exam is more difficult then Part 1, don’t leave you time short to study for Part 2
  • Do not let yourself become overwhelmed but instead focus on answering the questions as best you can
  • Start by eliminating answer/s that you know are incorrect
  • Ensure you read the questions a few times to grasp what they are trying to test you on and then if you are still not sure make an educated guess
  • Make sure you flag the question to come back later and revisit the answer you initially provided.
  • You will be able to grasp how you are doing by the number of flagged answers you have
  • Answers that are not flagged you do not need to come back and revisit as you will be confident with the answer/s you selected

Following this will help you with your time management for completing and reviewing you exam before your final submission.

The Results

Almost instantly, you will be provided with your results via the Pearson OnVue Dashboard => View Score Reports => View.

What you’ll get:

  • A badge that you can share with your employers or services such as LinkedIn
  • A transcript that you can share with your employer or potential employer
  • A pdf version of the certificate
  • A score for part 1 and part 2 

The pass mark required is 22/40 (55%) for part 1 and 24/40 (60%) for part 2, my final score was 82% for part 1 & 65% for part 2.

Togaf 9.2 Results

Within a few days instructions will be given on how to register and share your results via:

Finally enjoy and celebrate your success, you have earned it.

Togaf 9.2 Certified

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